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Trust the Process

For the last 6 months I’ve been trying to recover from a hand injury – 2 surgeries and lots of physical therapy later, I’m still a long way away from being back to normal. During this time I started going to Park Sports Physical Therapy in Brooklyn and ended up working on a video project with them. I met a handful of other patients with injuries ranging from a total shoulder replacement to tendinitis to an ACL tear. I really enjoyed hearing their stories about setbacks and successes during the process of recovery. It’s amazing how badly you can hurt yourself in the split second it takes for an injury to occur, and even more amazing how much time (and patience and perseverance) it takes to undo the damage.

My favorite thing about this project was the challenge of telling compelling stories, but in the setting of a private company. We wanted to communicate Park Sports’ vision that “therapy is but a first step on the road to wellness and healthy lifestyle.” They are helping their patients recover from their immediate injuries, but providing education and support for preventing injuries and taking care of their bodies in the future. I approached the videos and interviews the same way I would for any other story – trying to leave any notions of testimonials or promos out of it and just trusting in the process. Watch all the videos here.

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