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LOWER EAST: Surfing Northern Florida

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Last week I was on vacation in Florida and stopped in Jacksonville for a couple days at the beach. We arrived just in time for some of the nicer weather down south this winter. The water was cold as you can see by the wetsuits, but that didn’t stop me from heading in and getting some shots.

Surfing (and most water sports) and conservation have a long gone hand in hand. A recent story of a fight by surfers and beach-goers for public beach access is told in this great short doc Martin’s 5: The Battle for the Beach.

I don’t shoot surfers very often, but I’ve recently been following the work of Ryan Struck, Erik Schwab, Matt Clark, Justin Burkle, and Salty by Nature – all of whom do beautiful surf and ocean photography showcasing the northeast’s coast. At times it feels like shooting at beaches can get a little redundant after a while, but I’m learning that there is much more to see and different ways of looking at things.

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