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Counting Horseshoe Crabs on Long Island

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DCIM100GOPROLast weekend I started production on my new video project about horseshoe crabs on Long Island. I went out with researchers and students from Cornell Cooperative Extension to count and tag horseshoe crabs that came ashore to spawn. The data collected is sent on to the NYS DEC to assess the status of horseshoe crab populations in New York’s Marine District. The program in New York is very similar to programs in other states up and down the Eastern Seaboard that were put in place after it was discovered that horseshoe crab numbers were significantly declining. The census data collected is the first of its kind, relatively little is known about horseshoe crab numbers despite their 450 million year existence. And it is largely a volunteer effort – which I think is the most interesting of all – communities along the East Coast have really come together to save this species. Here’s a quick edit I put together. More to come!


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