The Innovators: Tony Miller | Entanglement Tech

Technologist Tony Miller talks about going into hurricane ravaged communities and using cutting-edge, mobile sensors to measure pollutants in the air and water. This quick action after a drastic weather event – often involving catastrophic flooding – can allow for quick, smart action by industry, NGOs and government to better protect human health and the

Louisiana Coast 360

(Trailer) There’s no better way to see and understand Louisiana’s land loss crisis than from the air or by boat. But unfortunately, not many people have the opportunity to see the coast that way. So Restore the Mississippi River Delta is using technology to replicate that bird’s-eye-view and on-the-ground experience, to help people better understand why,

The Fourth Wave of Environmentalism

How is environmentalism different today? EDF President, Fred Krupp, describes the emerging innovations that are making once-invisible problems visible and actionable.

New Sensor Tech Takes on an Urgent Climate Problem

Environmental Defense Fund and Stanford University’s Natural Gas Initiative invited 11 organizations, covering 12 different technologies, to the controlled testing phase of the Mobile Monitoring Challenge, a competition to advance mobile methane monitoring technologies at oil and natural gas facilities.

The Value of Stewardship

Conservation can deliver measurable economic value to farmers, lenders, insurers and landowners. These farmers realized positive financial returns and created value for their business partners by adopting cover crops, no-till and precision agriculture practices. Learn more at

Just Another Girl

For years, students like Juliet and Elissa in Pittsburgh’s Pine Richland School District used locker rooms and restrooms that matched their gender identity. Last month, the school board voted to implement a new policy that discriminates against transgender students. Now, they’re filing a federal case against the district.

Flying Solo

At 92, Robina Asti, a WWII veteran and pilot, tells her story of living as a transgender woman since 1976 and her fight to be treated like any other widow.

The Count

Horseshoe crabs are living fossils – and given their 450 million year existence on the planet, it’s no wonder they are considered a keystone species within their ecosystem. Horseshoe crabs provide vital resources to many living things – from shorebirds to humans. Every spring horseshoe crab spawning surveys are conducted up and down the Eastern

Hopped Upstate

Dave Pasick is starting a hops yard on his family farm in Utica, NY. Located right in the middle of the Mohawk Valley’s former hops belt, Dave found wild hops growing around the old barn and silo on his land. After transplanting them to a homemade trellis, he was able to successfully grow new hops

Marsha’s Story

Lambda Legal filed a federal lawsuit against a senior housing facility in Illinois for failing to protect our client, Marsha Wetzel (a resident of the facility), from the harassment, discrimination and violence that she has endured at the hands of other residents because of her sex and sexual orientation. This is Marsha’s story.

¡La Igualdad Matrimonial Llega a Arizona!

¡Comparte este video sobre nuestros clientes Vicente y Kent, y felicítalos por la igualdad matrimonial en Arizona! Share this video to congratulate our plaintiffs, Vicente and Kent, on the freedom to marry in Arizona!

Coastal Steward

Coastal Steward is an award winning organization that runs a successful Adopt-A-Beach Program, manages a Shellfish Restoration initiative and has developed educational programs for use in grades 7-12 with a focus on marine science and environmental stewardship. Long Island, NY. On International Coastal Cleanup Day, Coastal Steward organized a beach cleanup at Pirates Cove in

Bullying the Bench

In an unprecedented move to reshape the New Jersey Supreme Court, Gov. Christie has refused the reappointments of two sitting justices, making him the only governor in NJ history to do so. Following the Court’s Oct. 2013 decision that was instrumental in providing the freedom to marry for same-sex couples in NJ, he roundly criticized