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Worth Watching: Upstate NY Dairy Farms

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This is a series of videos from the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council profiling Upstate New York dairy farms, created to educate inner-city school kids about where their milk and yogurt comes from. I especially like that two of them feature women farmers.

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Worth Watching: Eric Seals

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This weekend I was at the NPPA‘s Northern Short Course Conference in Warwick, RI. My favorite sessions were led by Detriot Free Press visual journalist Eric Seals, who is pioneering new ways to create really creative, thoughtful video stories.

This is a short spot from a documentary he’s working on following a group of divers in Michigan who are exploring shipwrecks on the Great Lakes. Not only is it a really beautiful story, but the underwater GoPro shots are amazing.
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This is a feature story from the Detroit Free Press about the long-term emotional harms faced by Michigan cattle farmers due to PBB contamination over 40 years ago.